Gran Fondo & Racing Results * 2018
Sponsor - Dave Stern Tire

Members Results

NJ ITT Championship - 7/1
Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Non TT
4th BJ Bottoms
Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Open
3rd Will Gerboth
Men Masters 60-99
4 Tim Saxon (PP/CS)

H2H#4 Lewis Morris Challenge - 6/24
XC Men 45+ Cat 2
11th Greg Ocdinaria

Kingwood TT - 6/23
Cat 1/2/3/4/5 Non TT
8th PJ Bottoms
Master Men 60+
3rd Tim Saxon (PP/CS)
Men Non TT Bike Cat 5
7th John Scully (PP/CS)

Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic - 6/17
Men Cat 3
23rd Wayne Lumkong

Patriot Half Tri - 6/16
AquaBike 50+
8th Mary Hager - 49th oa

Rt 29 Summer TT - 6/16
Men Cat 1/2/3/4/5
1st Will Gerboth
Master Men 60+
2nd Tim Saxon (PP/CS)

Escape the Cape Triathlon — 6/10
9th (F5054) Cheryl Martino- 414th oa

Somerdale Tour de Fish - 6/3
Men Masters 55+
21st Tim Saxon (PP/CS)

T-town - May 29 …
All events/classes/all dates

Pawlings Triathlon — 6/02
13th (ag) Mike Amideneau - 75th oa

Watermelon Crit - 6/2
Master Men 45+
10th Peter Goff
Master Men 55+
13th Tim Saxon (PP/CS)

Tour of Somerville - 5/28
Masters 55+
14th Tim Saxon (PP/CS)
18th Wayne Lumkong
Cat 4/5
30th Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)

Killington Stage Race - 5/26-28
Men Cat 3
PJ Bottoms
33rd General Classification
19th Time Trial - Stage 3
10th Road Race - Stage 2
45th Road Race - Stage 1

Winston Salem Crit - 5/26
Men Pro / Cat 1
116th Wyatt Goral (CCB)

Bound Brook Cycling Classic - 5/26
Men Cat4/5 Open
13th Dan Montgomery
Men Cat3/4 Open
21st Will Hoer
28th Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)

JerseyMan Tri - 5/20
1st (ag) Brian Foley - 83rd oa
2nd (ag) Mary Hager - 4th oa

Plainfield Crit - 5/20 (NJ Championships)
Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3 Open
38th Andrew LoGiudice
Men Cat4 Open
17th Dan Montgomery
24th Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)
Men Cat3 Open
12th Will Hoer
36th Peter Goff
39th Andrew LoGiudice
40th Wayne Lumkong

Pro - Cat 1
12th Wyatt Goral (CCB)

Bear Mountain Spring Classic - 5/12
Men Open Cat 3
17th Andrew LoGiudice
Men Open Cat 5
4th Dan Mongomery

NE Regional Track Championship - 5/12
Masters 50-59
Wayne Lumkong
15th Overall Omnium
11th 500m TT
14th Individual Pursuit
17th Points Race
13th Scratch Race

Helmet Heroes Circuit Race - 5/12
25 Mile Circuit
12th George Uhlir

Kitchen Road Crit - 5/6
Master Men 45+
19th Peter Goff

Somerset Circuit TT - 5/5
Senior Men
12th Will Gerboth
Men Non TT Bike Cat 5
13th John Scully (PP/CS)

Tour de Lake - 4/29
Female, 40 miles
2nd Viky Gerboth
9th Tanya Cavello
Male, 40 miler
5th Andrew LoGiudice
6th Dan Montgomery
8th Scott Brennen
9th Peter Goff
19th Sebastian Rodriguez
21st Peter Fowler
22nd Tim Saxon
25th Jan Maynard
26th Victor Centeno
37th Roman Ryba
46th Mike Garland
50th Ray Cipollini
53rd George Uhlir
59th Will Gerboth
79th Chris Cavello
Dennis Blanco
Rob Myer

High Point Hill Climb TT - 4/28
Non TT Bike Women A
1st Viky Gerboth
Masters Men 60+
3rd Tim Saxon
Non TT Bike Men A
2nd PJ Bottoms
3rd Dan Montgomery
Non TT Bike Men B
3rd Roman Ryba Jr
4th Scott Brennen
8th Victor Centeno
Senior Men
11th Will Gerboth

Monson Road Race - 4/22
Men Cat 3
10th Andrew LoGiudice
18th PJ Bottoms

Prospect Park Series - 4/22
Masters 40+
38th Wayne Lumkong
Peter Goff

H2H Race#2 Ringwood Rumble - 4/15
XC Men 45+ Cat 2
8th Greg Ocdinaria

Allamuchy Time Trial - 4/14
Masters 60+
4th Tim Saxon
12th Gerard Remsen
Women Cat5 Non TT Bike
5th Viky Gerboth
Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Non TT Bike
2nd Dan Montgomery
11th PJ Bottoms
Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Open
3rd Will Gerboth
Men Cat5 Non TT Bike
17th John Scully (PP/CS)

Promoted Events

Augusta Training Series - Spring '18
High Point Hill Climb TT - April '18
Giro del Cielo Stage Race - July '18
SCCX - November 2017

NJBA Cup Series * 2018

MAXXIS Garden State Cup
Champion System Cat 3 Cup
Time Trial Cup
CycleCross Cup

USAC recorded results

John Autore 68685
Craig Blake - One day license.
PJ Bottoms 396025
Scott Brennan 514408
Chris Cavallo 527294*
Victor Centeno 455433
Ray Cipollini - 6945
Frank Cunha 469082*
Peter Fowler 468888
Viky Gerboth - One day license.
William Gerboth 433737
Peter Goff 520692
Darius Goral 45386
Wyatt Goral 312550
(CCB Racing), Univ of Colo, Boulder
William Hoer 500778
Andrew LoGiudice 228586
Wayne Lumkong 63497
Dan Montgomery 490946
Greg Ocdinaria 557641
Joseph Petillo 395879
Gerard Remsen 29530
(Black Bear Cycling)
Sebastian Rodriguez 428954
(Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions)
Tim Saxon 241588
(ProPower/Cycle Solutions)
John Scully 365557
(ProPower/Cycle Solutions)
William Trautz 35874*
William Stern - One day license.
George Uhlir 401548
* no current USAC license

Results continued

Joe Martin Stage Race - 4/12-15
Men Prt Pro/Cat1
Wyatt Goral (CCB)
dnf Stage 4 Crit
103rd Stage 3 ITT
107th Stage 2 RR
100th Stage 1 RR

CY Memorial Lookout TT - 4/8
Men A Collegiate
20th Wyatt Goral

Steve Reed Memorial TT - 4/8
Masters 60+
2nd Tim Saxon
Non TT Men B
6th John Scully (PP/CS)

Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial - 4/7
Cat 3/4 Open
5th Peter Goff

Cherry Blossom Challenge - 4/7
Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3
45th Andrew LoGiudice
Men Cat3/4
44th Andrew LoGiudice
Men Cat4/5
28th Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)
54th John Scully (PP/CS)

Sandy Hook TT - 3/31
Men Masters 60+
3rd Timothy Saxon
Men Cat1/2/3/4/5 Non TT
3rd PJ Bottoms
Men Cat5 Non TT Bike
17th John Scully (PP/CS)

Branch Brook Park - 3/31
Master Men 50+
4th Peter Goff
Master Men 40+
4th Peter Goff
Cat 4/5 #1
42nd Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)
Cat 4/5 #2
33rd Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)

Branch Brook Park - 3/24
Master Men 50+
23rd Peter Goff
Master Men 40+
32nd Peter Goff
Cat 4/5 #1
29th Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)
Cat 4/5 #2
25th Sebastian Rodriguez (PP/CS)

CSU Oval Crit - 3/18
Men Collegiate A
34th Wyatt Goral (UC, Boulder)

CSU Cobb Lake RR - 3/17
Men Collegiate A
25th Wyatt Goral (UC, Boulder)

Yuengling Shamrock ½Marathon - 3/17
Female 45 to 49
115th Cheryll Martino

DU Cycling - City Park Crit - 3/3
Men Collegiate A
18th Wyatt Goral (UC, Boulder)

Valley of the Sun Stage Race - 2/16-18
Sr Men Pro, Cat 1
Wyatt Goral (CCB)
13th GC
27th Stage 3 - Crit
13th Stage 2 - Road Race
18th Stage 1 - Time Trial

Force Ride - 2/3/2018
Eileen Griffiths, Helene Motyka, Joe Sutherland, John Morgan, Lorena Bartolome, Marcus Freeman, Martina Freeman, Michael Amideneau, Ray Cipollini, Rob Rohel, Terri Grazevich, Tom Lentine, Viky Gerboth, Will Gerboth, Jim Porter, Shane Rieger, Mike Garland, Scott Smith

Twin Brook Fat Bike - 1/27
Men Short Course Open
8th Gerry Remsen

Marty's FAT Fifty - 1/13/2018
Fat Bike Class
Shane Rieger