Kar's Coffee Run, 3rd Cup
Mileage turn road note
Start Lafayette ES Parking Lot - No facilities 178 Beaver Run
0.0 Left Beaver Run Road rural
2.8 Right Ice Plant Road stop ahead
3.1 Straight @ Stop x NJ 15 onto Mud Cut Road Traffic
3.2 Right Decker Road narrow bridge
3.6 Right Decker Road
4.6 Straight @ Stop x US 206 onto Price Road traffic/windmill
5.8 Left @ Stop Augusta Hill Road
5.9 Right @ Stop Morris Turnpike, aka SC 519 good shoulder
6.6 Left @ 4-way Branchville-Lawson Rd, aka SC 627 Frankford 4 Corners
9.1 Left SC 521, signed at Myrtle Grove
15.5 on left Kar's Coffee Shop, Middleville Break, eat light
15.6 Left @ Stop SC 521 to Stillwater lake on left

keep Left SC 610, leave SC 521 at the BIG Church

Straight Main Street becomes Fredon Road at bridge

Left Saddleback Road 0.8 miles from bridge

Right Potters Road

Left @ Stop SC 619 aka E. Shore Drive Swartswood Lake area

Right @ Stop Newton-Swartswood Rd aka SC 622, gentle climbing

Left Junction Road

Left Plotts Road through Trestle, becomes Parsons

Right @ Stop Halsey Road aka SC 626 passes KrHS, church

Bear Left Church Road CAUTION - blind hill

Right @ Stop SC 627 aka Branchville-Lawson

Right @ 4-Way Morris Twpk aka SC 519 Frankford 4 Corners

Left Augusta Hill Road Caution

Right Price Road Solar & Wind

Straight x US 206 onto Decker Road Traffic

Left Decker Road, cross narrow bridge Rails2Trails crossing

Left Mud Cut Road

Straight x NJ 15 onto Ice Plant Road Professional Bldg

Left @ Stop Beaver Run, aka SC 661 Hi George

Right Van Sickle Road narrow

Left @ Stop Meadows Road almost home

Right @ Stop Beaver Run, aka SC 661
~35.1 Right Parking Lot
~1,650 ft. el.
Lafayette Twsp.
Elementary School