Kar's Coffee Run, 2nd cup
Mileage turn road note
Start Frankford Park North Parking Lot - PortaJohn SC 519
0.0 Right Klimas Road smooth
0.2 Right Gunn Road the truck is parked
2.9 Right at Stop Wykertown Road soon, tight curve
3.7 Straight Wantage Ave aka SC 519
4.9 Straight at Stop following SC 519 around downtown Branchville
5.5 Straight at Light x US 206 onto Newton Ave. aka SC 519 Hi Buz at #50
7.0 Straight at Light Branchville-Lawson aka SC 627 Frankford 4 Corners
7.2 Left Church Street, pass McKeown E.S. toward Balesville
7.8 Bear Right Halsey Road Pass Church & KrHS
8.2 Bear Left Parsons Road narrows
10.5 Right Junction Rd Under Trestle
11.5 Right at Stop Newton Swartswood Road, SC 622 traffic
13.1 Left East Side/East Shore Swartswood Lake
16.2 Right Pond Brook Road, SC 612 Hi Debbie
17.0 Left SC 521 Kar's Coffee, Middleville on left
17.1 Right Stillwater Road almost climbing
17.3 Bear Right Stillwater Road to 5 Corners climbing 'the steps'
19.3 Straight Stillwater Road, cross Old Foundry still climbing
20.6 Straight at Stop Mt. Benevolence Road merge
23.7 Straight Mountain Road W. Owassa Tpk at Bear Swamp, SC 521
26.9 Left at Stop US 206 north traffic - single file
27.6 Right (2nd) Upper North Shore portajohn
30.0 Left Mattison Reservoir Rd

Right Dennis Phillip Road fast S

Straight at Stop SC 519 I see my car
~34.0 Straight/Right Parking Lot
~2,200 ft. el.
Frankford Park