Edison Mine Tour ver. LES
at mile Start Lafayette Elementary School notes - updated 8/15/2017
00.0 Right Beaver Run (PortaJohn around School)

Continue Beaver Run aka SC 661
2.7 Right Bunn Road past the "YMCA"
4.4 Right at Stop NJ 94 south traffic til bridge
4.6 Left at Light N. Church Road aka SC 631 toward Franklin
6.6 Right at Stop Fowler Street, Franklin becomes Church St.
8.0 Straight - Right Cork Hill Road Iron Furnace
9.8 Left Kennedy Rd, O'burg cross Wallkill River

Left at Stop Main Steet Ogdensburg - SC 517

Right Edison Avenue Heater's Pond

becomes Edison Road Sparta Twsp. - Edison Works

Right at Stop Glen Road - SC 620 fast to stop

Left at Light Main St, Sparta busy

Straight at Light NJ 181 toward Lake Mohawk

Bear Right Mohawk Ave. to the Plaza

Right W. Shore Trail people traffic

tight Right N. Shore Trail speed bumps

Left Pine Terrace slow down

Left at Stop Sparta Ave. aka SC 517 toward Newton

Straight at Light SC 616 toward Newton

Right Sussex Mills Road mostly gentle down

Right at Stop Limecrest Road aka 669 big dump trucks

Left Randazzo Road RailRoad Tracks

Right at Stop Sunset Inn Road aka SC 623 big dump trucks

Left Garrison Road bear carving

Right at Stop Warbasse Jctn. aka SC 663 trail crossing

Left at Stop NJ 94 south Traffic, Single File

Right Valley View Road becomes Mud Cut Rd.

Straight at Stop cross NJ 15 becomes Ice Plant

Left at Stop Beaver Run Road almost home

Right Van Sickle Road

Left at Stop Meadows Road

Right at Stop Beaver Run Road I see my car
~32.0 Right Lafayette E.S. Elevation: ~2400'