Slate #1 of Officers and Board * 2019
Sussex Bike
President Mike Garland* MikeG@SkylandsCycling.com
Vice President LeeAnn Laccetti* LeeAnn@SkylandsCycling.com
Treasurer Chet DeStefano* Treasurer@SkylandsCycling.com
Secretary Viky Gerboth* Viky@SkylandsCycling.com
Note: * incumbents

Note: All director and staff appointments are pending and will serve at the pleasure of the President.
Please submit your nominations and volunteering to the secretary.
Director (Rec/Social) to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Dev/RMRB) to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Sponsorship) to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Advocacy) Ray Cipollini Ray@SkylandsCycling.com
·Augusta Training Series to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
·High Point Hill Climb Time Trial to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
·Giro del Cielo Stage Race to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
·Sussex County CycloCross (SCCX) to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
·Website Administrator to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com

Thank you to the 2018 Directors and Committee Chairs for your services.

Elections will be at the Februaru 3rd 2019 General meeting. Details soon.
Please feel free to contact Skylands Cycling. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about our club, our rides, and our races. You can email us at Info@SkylandsCycling.com or contact one of our club officers.