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Mon, 16 Sep 2013

President steps down.

Good evening Skylands Cycling,

I just want to let everyone know that I am stepping down as President of the Club. It was a difficult decision and I thank you all for making my time with Skylands fun and meaningful. See you on the road.

Thank you,

John Berg

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Sat, 07 Sep 2013

25mm vs. 23mm Tires

Have you ever tried 25mm vs. 23mm tires on your road machine? Recently i switched over to 25mm tires to see what all the buzz was about. My initial experience was that there was a feel of sluggishness or that i was not going as fast as when riding the 23s. There was an exceptional difference in handling though and after a week or so i realized that the 25mm were not slowing me down any. I tried them out in a race and found that the 25mm offered more mobility into and out of the corners and were certainly more comfortable on the long rides.

I tried them at different pressures from 90 to 115psi and the performance was consistent either way and the difference in ride comfort was very noticeable between 25s and 23s.I tried two different brands and really like the Bontragers from Sussex Bike, they are light and have really low rolling resistance. They also offer more resistance to puncture and pinch flats which makes them ideal for winter road conditions.

Just my two cents - See you all out there

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Thu, 05 Sep 2013

Special Report !

Congrats Wyatt on your state cup win for the 15-16 juniors ! The club is very proud of your accomplishment and many of us are eagerly awaiting your presence on the CAT3 scene for 2014.

The club is maintaining its committment to Junior excellence by supporting them in their cycling endeavors. This year, we sent our very own RJ Reisen to National level events and are persuing the assembly of even more junior racers in 2014. We will see how things turn out over the winter training sessions for them. Keep an eye out for them on the routine Thursday training rides out of Kittatiny Aeroflex.

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Fri, 19 Jul 2013

Skylands Cycling Updates

Giro Del Cielo:

Great event this year ! We have received excellent feedback from members, volunteers and visiting racers. The idea for next year is to step things up a bit by addressing numerous items to improve the racing experiences for everyone involved. Please see some of the items below:

Professional real-time results management (came through as number one)

More Porta-Jons at the Sunrise Time Trial (came in as number 2 :))

Volunteer organization (this has numerous opportunities i.e. radios, safety, instructions, support and planning)

Road Race course route directional signage and possibly a video tour (could be posted for all stages online)

Ambulance availability - will have at least one site for Criterium and Road Race at a minimum

Road race finish and opening both lanes earlier for field sprint and hay bails covering the bridge entrance

Road race campground traffic management, already a commitment from the "Great Divide" team. All campers will exit via the other side that is not connected to the course.

This is just the beginning, im sure there are more ideas so keep them coming.

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Sun, 07 Jul 2013

Day at the Races ! State Championship Road Race Recap

Blazing hot day, felt like a sauna out there during the NJ State Road Race yesterday. Skylands had a few team members in the Cat4 race with Tim Saxon leading the charge followed by Mark Salazar. Wyatt Goral went off the front driving the pace of the peleton, great effort.

Andrew established a break in the Cat3s after many attempts to get some folks motivated to get one started, but had to work really hard to keep it going. The heat was making it too easy for others to give it up. Not sure why, but the peleton let me roll off at a whopping 22-23mph, i figured if they would just forget i was out there and the pacing of the peleton was right maybe i would just keep going.Who am i kidding, a sprinter off the front, they reeled me in pretty quick.

So once i was back with front of the peleton, a good break went off with i am guessing about ten or so. They got pretty far up the road before a chase group persued towards the finish. Seeing that it was possible, remotely possible, that the chase group would catch the break group i sat on them as hard i could to foil the plan. By the time the chase group could reached the finish, the mob caught us and a bunch sprint crossed the line.

It was nice that we stayed in for a fourth place finish with Andrew, good to see after so many efforts and work.

Great job everyone !

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Sat, 11 May 2013

Team Training Ride Recap / Racers Meeting May 17th at Sheridan’s off of Limecrest

The Team training ride went very well. We had eight Skylands Team members present including expert racers who help guide the session, thank you Bob and Wayne. The pacelining was controlled; a couple of us were a little anxious but once reigned in realized we were a little aggressive on the start. It was a thirty revolutions on and then off to the back of the line. Funny how I thought intervals were an individual affair but if organized properly everyone benefits and gets critical group riding skills that are needed for racing as a team. Looking forward to doing it again next Thursday. Let’s keep up the good work !!!!

The racers meeting is Friday May 17th from 7pm to 9pm at Sheridan’s off of Limecrest about 1.5 miles past the Aeroflex (Kittatiny) airport parking lot. There will be food and beverage provided to Skylands Cycling Team racers who come, and we are hoping to see our aspiring CAT5 group lead by John S. Nice to see more folks interested in the racing experience.

The racers meeting is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss topics surrounding the clubs events and possibilities for our Junior, Masters, and Open class racers. We have two very good Junior racers who need our support, we can discuss the details at the meeting. We will also talk about race event volunteership, the club has numerous racers and rec riders who have earned the Jersey for the next order coming up. This is new for the club but long in coming. We just need to rotate a little better to ensure everyone gets a Jersey, there are new folks to the club who could really benefit by volunteering but we need to get the word out to them.

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Wed, 24 Apr 2013

Updates and other random tid bits:

HIGH POINT HILL CLIMB is this weekend, come on out and try for a new personal best or even the challenge $$$ offered by our very own sponsors. Sparta Trades and Dave Stern Tires are offering the bounty on the records - $350.00 mens and womens records. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and watching all the riders drag themselves up the hill to the monument. There is an Earth Day event going on as well in the park so don't be confused about the parking, it is the same parking lot from last years event for HPHC.

Police Unity Fundraiser this past weekend - Great ride and event for the club to sponsor. John Scully really did it righ, the awards were cool. The ride was well organized and the local police helped out with some traffic control. The riders were of all skill sets and we even had a few new ones out to enjoy the day. From the sounds of it, all fundraising goals were met and will be carried over to the P.U.T cause to support fallen officers. Way to go John, good call using the familiar Thursday Loop.

So I was out for ride during a week day last week. Just doing a quick Thursday loop to keep the legs loose and while heading back to hwy 206 i see another rider off in the distance. The rider appears to be moving at a pretty good clip so i spin up the ol fixie to catch up, but i noticed i had to really spin it up. I finally catch up just before 206, and introduce myself and he reciprocated. Peter then mentioned something about my Skylands Kit, he said he liked the ThorLabs logo on the shorts. I then mentioned that ThorLabs is a key sponsor for Skylands Cycling. Peter then said that he knew about the sponsorship and that he was heading back to work at none other than ThorLabs following his lunch break ride. Good to meet someone from ThorLabs, especially out on a ride.....

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Sun, 03 Mar 2013

Start Your Engines !

Cycling race season is upon us. Plenty of venues to choose from. This weekend marked the first of many Branchbrook Training races, and from what i hear, the course is nice and smooth. There is a little angst amoung the racers coming out of the winter mode so be cautious and thoughtful of other riders who may not have their wheels under them yet.Only saying that because of some of the reports by club members on the crazy field sprints. Field sprints are my favorite part of the race in a twisted X games kind of way.

Kudos to Dan on the loop selection yesterday, good climbs and steady rollers for Battenkill training. A couple of the climbs were nice and long around Lake Hopatcong and the descents were smooth. A little gravel in some places but that makes for some good bike handling practice and also keeps riders on their toes looking for the hazards. This part of the season certainly makes good use of bullet proof tires, i have seen a high number of flats so far, no doubt related to all of the remnants of winter road maintenance.

It is chilly out there so dress in layers, of course some of us could not figure out if Andy had a whole pair of extra shoes in his jersey pockets or knew where all the wardrobe changes were occuring. It almost seemed as though a different rider showed up at the bottom of every hill, but it was just Andy again.

The recreational rides are looking good as well, after the Battenkill training ride yesterday we saw a few folks pulling into Aeroflex all bundled up after a brisk ride.

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Fri, 22 Feb 2013

NYC Training races Beginning Soon,

Thanks for the heads up Wayne

The first Sunday of March is almost here (March 3, 2013). That means The 2013 New York City Spring Bicycle Racing Series starts next Sunday. The series is Great Training and Great Racing. You can register for the races on

2013 will have all of the traditional Spring Series stuff: — Race and play in New York City — Be part of an event that is over forty years old — Easy on-line registration at — 4 great race courses in the metropolitan area — Races for pro,1,2,3, Cat 3,4, Masters 45+, Cat 5 — Juniors race free — Over $11,000 in prizes — Challenging time trial course (9 miles, New Jersey) — Great rolling race course in Central Park (6 mile loop) — Great quick thinkers race course in Prospect Park (3.2 mile loop) — Women who place in their race, get one FREE MCA race — Overall winner gets FREE SERIES registration in 2014 — FREE winners cap to every winner of every race — FREE leaders jersey for overall leader after each event — FREE Cat 5 leaders jersey for overall cat 5 leader after each event — FREE throphies for overall leaders in each race category — Get results sent to you on Twitter — SAVE money on full series registration (also get 50 points for overall series and race number for the full series (easy sign up)) — Addional Prizelist for overal leaders in each race category — Help the first responders fund by buying stylish t-shirt — ONLY $29.00 per event (pre-reg) — Do Not Lose Race Fee with registration push forward (if you cannot make a race you have pre-registered for email or call us the day before the race and we will move your registration to any of our other events of equal or lesser value) — 50 extra points for every rider who pre-register for the whole series — $29 Savings for registering for the whole series — For cat 4 and cat 5 riders all races qualify for upgrade points — Masters race is 45+ — Overall trophies for every race category — Training log on Flyer

To get more information please go to

We can not wait to see you at this years series.

Anthony Jay Van Dunk Metropolitan Cycling Association 718.522.7390

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Sun, 10 Feb 2013

Feb 9th Sunday Aeroflex Ride Recap

The 50 miler from Aeroflex - Kittatiny Park headed out around noon today. The sun was shining down making a few of us question whether or not we were overdressed for the occasion. The pace was hardy and had about five or six good efforts throughout. Nice to see a ride with such great leadership and skilled riders from all over Sussex county. A couple of longer climbs proved to be a very effective fitness check, that was a welcome addition given a couple of us are training for Battenkill, which is a climb riddened race in mid-April.

The ride was full of opportunities for observing traffic safety and was flawlessly executed at every turn, intersection and when cars were observed up and back throughout the ride. The roads had some minor icey/slushy patches but that was held in check by the watchful eyes of the folks at the front, easily pointed out with all hazards avoided. Someone actually pointed out what looked like an iceberg, go figure a glacier would be in the road after that snow storm.

The route started out to hwy206 from Limecrest - up to Fredon/Stillwater - across hwy94 - and then to Blairstown via some nice rollers. Very little wind and a smooth paceline kept it interesting and quick, i think Jim E made climbs look easy, and with a cyclocross wheel set to boot. We had one brief rest on the way back, but Wayne and Marks speedy repairs made quick work of that flat and we were back on road.The pacing was spirited and for the most part aerobic overall. The distance was ideal for breaking that two hour mark which required most of us to eat something.

Definitely a good experience and overall a quality experience, Thanks for putting it out there Mark, looking forward to the next one.

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Fri, 08 Feb 2013

High Point Hill Climb Rumor

Rumor has it that a hefty challenge is being put forward by one of our most prominant sponsors "Dave Stern Tires". Not official yet but heard its $350 big ones to the man and woman who set a new record on race day. Not bad for about 19 to 22 minutes of shear climbing pleasure.

I'll even sign up for HPTHC to have chance at that kind of dough. Alright, so the possibility of me climbing that fast is slim, but who knows maybe....

Keep you all posted on the rumor as it develops.

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Mon, 21 Jan 2013

On February 2nd, one of our sponsors “Sussex Bike Shop” is co-sponsoring a cancer charity with Team Rowan

“The Force Ride to Benefit Cancer Research” This is a way to show support for one of sponsors and also our other sponsors that we support them as well as the community where we live and ride. By doing this kind of event we show that not only is Skylands Cycling Club about riding, but giving back to our community. Sussex Bike Shop provides us quick service and fair pricing, clearly showing that Sussex Bike Shop really cares about our racers and recreational riders. We can help Sussex Bike Shop grow their business which has, and is consistently, providing top support for Skylands Cycling. It is also a positive way for the the general public to see the faces of the riders wearing those Skylands Cycling jerseys on the road and get them to recognize that we are residents who care. Take a moment and image twenty or thirty Skylands Jerseys lined up at Mineral Springs doing a spin session, how cool and impressive that would that be.

“The Force Ride to Benefit Cancer Research" is a benefit ride to raise money for rare cancer research. 100% of the registration fee will go to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center research.

In closing: Last year the 2012 Club President, Mike Adsit underwent radial experimental Cancer treatment. Charities like this help fund these types of treatments and others that may otherwise be out of reach for the folks that need them.

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Sat, 22 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays fellow Skylanders !

Eileen is ordering the new kits, that's great news. The kits should be here in time for The Battenkill. What a spread of entrants this year, looks like most of the categories have representation. Better be puttin in the miles boys and girls ...

Cold day as I headed out this morning, snow and wet roads, not to mention the wind. No problem though. My trainer never left the living room, of course being forced to endure two hours of Barbie movie hurt more than the work out.

The new year is coming and the club has a multitude of different offerings for its members.Check out the rest of the website for the good stuff. We hav many social events, rides, races, PARTIES, and much much more. No doubt, the best bicycle club in Jersey.

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Mon, 03 Dec 2012

Holiday Party ReCap

Well, here is to another successful Skylands Cycling Holiday party. Alot of familiar faces and quite a few new ones. There was great food and even better company. Great job Gary for making it work by being an entertaining MC last night. Looking forward to next years club sponsored activities; ride more ride better, ATS / Giro / High Point Hill Climb, the Clam Bake, Thursday night ride, SCCX, and much more.

Happy Holidays !

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Fri, 30 Nov 2012

Winter Trainer Work Outs

Just some light reading about indoor training, thought you all might like it since training indoors is the only option sometimes during the winter months.

CHANCES ARE your typical indoor ride goes like this: Pedal as long as you can stand it. Spending hours on the trainer can be overkill. Indoor workouts "are harder than riding outside because you're fighting the resistance of the trainer," says coach Andy Applegate of Carmichael Training Systems. That's why he recommends short, hard efforts. "You'll build your aerobic energy system—in less time," he says. Applegate suggests doing one of the workouts below twice a week; choose another for a third hard day. After three weeks, try one of the more challenging variations. Allow one day of rest, cross-training, or easy riding between sessions. Spin easy for 10 to 15 minutes before each workout. Finish the session with a 10-minute cooldown.

Speed Intervals improve power and speed, and help you recover from repeated hard efforts: —Do four one-minute fast-pedal intervals: Use an easy gear and as high a cadence as possible. Keep your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) low—5 out of 10. Recover for two minutes between efforts. —Pedal five minutes easy. —Do 10 to 12 intervals of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off. The "on" portions are 95 percent effort (RPE 9 to 9.5) at as high a cadence as possible. Stand or sit as needed. For the "off" parts, spin easy. Make it harder Add one on/off interval, up to 20 total.

Climbing Bursts help you respond to attacks on hills: —Simulate a hill by raising the bike's front wheel. —Ride 10 minutes at a pace you can hold for an hour (90 to 100 percent of threshold power or heart rate; RPE 8). Once every two minutes, stand and attack for 12 to 15 pedal strokes—a near all-out effort. —Spin easy for 10 minutes. —Repeat (do three fast efforts total).

Make it harder Try 2x15 minutes (10 minutes recovery), then 3x12 (six minutes recovery), then 2x20 (10 minutes recovery).

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Tue, 16 Oct 2012

Small World !

The November issue of bicycle magazine has a cool article that mentions Patrick Gellineau, '72 Olympian. The article is titled, "Exactly the Right Moment" and is about having fun in the last moments of a criterium. Its a nice blow by blow of the last lap craziness.

Small world because, a friend of mine told me that Patrick G is a great wheel. I had the pleasure of being in a race with him in Boundbrook this year and he just seemed to be floating along effortlessly while my breath was leaving me faster than i could get in back in. Needless to say, my friend finished right next to Patrick G reinforcing his comments to me before the event and since i did not set up for the second to last lap, I was left dodging up through the swarm at the sprint.

The article kind of parallels my own experience and i am sure other newer racers as well, things like this just keep you coming back for more.

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Thu, 27 Sep 2012

Yesterdays Ride

Feeling lucky, yesterday morning i went out for the Thursday loop special solo. It was a little overcast but before i knew it the sun starting poking its head out a little. The shaded parts were still a bit wet from the early morning misting.All alone with my squeaky head set, gotta get that lube out and fix that. Lots of new pavement made for a smooth training ride.

Made it back to the neighborhood (Forest Lakes off 206), to pick-up the coach for the Mohawk Lake loop. Going around Mohawk is great if you only have an hour or two to burn, be careful as always the road is a little tight and has a couple blind hills and turns. The Mohawk Pass-It-Along Triathlon travels alot of the same path.

Good three and a half hour session, highly recommended if you like rolling terrain.

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Tue, 25 Sep 2012

Touching base

Well, another road racing season is over. The team worked well together on quite a few events and the interest for next season is already picking up. Not 100% sure but Skylands had at least three folks upgrade from Cat4 to Cat3, lots to learn and grow with there next season.I was informed not to give cycling advice but will convey that a training plan is helpful, especially to acheive specific goals whether its racing or a fitness objective.

We have some new folks that joined this past year. If anyone wants to train together, please let me know. Over the past couple of years there have been some really consistent rides from various locations and The rides posted on the front page of the Skylands Cycling website include all kinds of good stuff; longer rides, shorter rides, and rides with varying levels of difficulty.

The post season riding weather has been great so far, and the leaves are turning which makes rides even more picturesque. Nice living in North Jersey where you can ride fairly flat or have some fun on the rollers through all of the farm land and countryside.

Come on out and join the club, its a great way to meet people and to get out outside. Temperatures are dropping, so dress appropriately for the rides and enjoy.

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Wed, 22 Aug 2012

"B" Paceline Practice Last Night

Wow ! Kudos Bob L for putting this ride together. The group headed out with about 20 or so and then divided into two smaller groups to make the pacing work out and to allow some specialized instruction and training.

The group i was in had some shinning moments of smoothness, we went over the finer points of not speeding up off the front of the paceline, accelerating into the wheel in front of you to build speed when getting back into the pace line. Of course jumping that hill cutting back over to Limecrest was a must. A little paceline pick-up at the end finished things up nicely.

If anyone has anything they want posted, please send it along to me. See you all on the road :)

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Tue, 21 Aug 2012

Skylands Members Clam Bake !

Saturday the 25th at 3pm. Can't wait, gotta love steamers and Brewskies. Hope to see everyone there, remember to RSVP.

Sunday 26th Racing;

State Crit Championships are Sunday so if anyone would like to get together before the race, let me know. The course is unusual for a crit, has a long false flat that wears you down towards the end making sprinting a challenge, at least for us Clydesdale types. A climber should fare pretty well though.


"B" Ride this evening out of Kittatiny State Park, pacelining practice. Heads out at 6pm

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Thu, 19 Jul 2012

Kids Race Event information

Hilltop Grasshopper,

Kid’s Bike Race Saturday, August 18 @ 9:00 AM first race Essex County Hilltop Reservation, North Caldwell Jump on the competition in the Third Annual Kid’s Bike Race in the Hilltop in North Caldwell! The Essex County Parks Department and the Hilltop Conservancy invite all cyclists, from pre kindergarten to grade 8 to come and ride and race for prizes and bragging rights on a specially prepared 0.6 mile course. Helmets are mandatory and lots of cheering is encouraged!

The spectator friendly course is next to the sports field parking lot on Courter Lane and Mountain Avenue in North Caldwell. Registration opens at 7:30 AM and competition starts at 9:00 AM for the youngest competitors, K – 1st grade. There is a $10.00 registration fee per participant which includes a bicycle technical inspection. Any bike in good working order is eligible to race. (Net proceeds will be donated to the Hilltop Conservancy) Classes for boys and girls K – 1st grade, 2nd – 3rd grade, 4th – 5th grade, 6th – 8th grade, with prizes for top 3 class finishers.

To Pre-Register online

visit and Hilltop Grasshopper Kids Bike Race

For up to the minute details and links to maps, see

The Kid’s Korse race course is open now for pre race training!

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Sat, 14 Jul 2012

ATS and Aquaphor NYC Triathlon


The Augusta Training Series is extended for a few weekends. The Sussex Fairgrounds races are instrumental in learning the ropes of cycling and racing. The "A" riders have been invaded by a small group of former "B" racers this year, and as one of them, i find myself challenged with the sheer number of attacks that occur during the race sessions. The pace seems more constant and if you aren't paying attention the more experienced racers know just how to capitalize on the struggles of the less experienced folks. It is a must for practicing different moves and figuring out what type of rider you may be; sprinter, breakaway artist etc. I am glad to see my team mates out there working with each other during the race to gain position or to just help out when someone needs it.See you all out there Tuesday evening.

Aquaphor NYC Triathlon;

A few weeks ago, a co-worker asked me to be a part of her triathlon team for the NYC Triathlon. I was glad to be a part of the Muscular Distrophy Association team. We needed a swimmer though, so Wayne Ls son Nik jumped onboard and away we went. We didn't know what to expect competition wise being in the relay format but there turned out to be almost a 100 teams. When we got to the Riverside Park transition area at 515am Sunday morning to set up, i noticed quite a few regulars from the local NYC cycling races. After the smoke cleared at the end of the race, Team MDA ended up placing second overall. At first, my competitive self thought wow second place !, but then it hit me that we just brought even more attention to the charity MDA that we were racing for. The MDA has raised nearly $40k towards the charity as part of the "Million Pound Challenge" fund raising effort. It is nice that events like this one exist and give critical attention to the many charities out there.

Ride Info;

Please check the home page and bikemail, which is open to all members of Skylands Cycling, for ride information.

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Mon, 25 Jun 2012

Giro Del Cielo !

Well the Giro is over and lots of us are recoverying from some really hard racing, others are recoverying from all of the work that goes into putting an event of this size on. Thank you to all who volounteered for making it so successful.

The three stages were loaded with outstanding competition in all categories. The GC had such great equalizing events, most everyone seemed to have at least one event that did not compliment their racing style. Hopefully i wasn't the only one who could have used a rope and grappling hook for the last half mile of the climb.

The popularity of the event is evident by the distance some folks drove to be here in Sussex. Lots of compliments on the scenic race courses and convenience of getting from one event to the other in plenty of time to properly cool down from the TT and then warm up again for the Crit at the Fairgrounds.

Really hope to see everyone back out there next year, especially "Bean" the little boston terrier that kept my daughter entertained by pulling on her whenever the start timer went off for the TT like she was in the race.

P.S. The Augusta Training Series is extended for a few Tuesdays so check it out, lots of great evening races at the Sussex Fairgrounds.

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Sat, 23 Jun 2012

Giro Del Cielo is Underway

The Giro Del Cielo is on ! It started this morning with a Time Trial (TT) up Sunrise Mountain and then over to the Sussex Fairgrounds for Criterium action. The results are coming out later but Skylands had a couple of stage II victories, Wayne Lumkong in the 45+ crit and myself (John Berg) in the Cat4/5 Crit. Andrew Loguidice took 3rd in Cat4/5 Crit and finshed well in the TT at 14th. Tim Saxon finished 7th after giving Wayne L a nice lead out,congrats Tim on helping Skylands to the line.

It was really nice to see all of the regular Tuesday nighters out there today along with racers from everywhere.

Still to come is the Road Races tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see all of you out there.

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Wed, 23 May 2012

Augusta Series / Up Coming Races / Rides

Augusta was good last night, the rain stayed away long enough to race for a couple hours. The Skylands "B" Team went off the front and started a break that stayed out the whole race. A couple of Team Marty's escaped from the break to take 1st / 2nd with Skylands Mark Salazar right on top of them at the finish. Fun race all around.

Somerville is on, lots of folks going. Looks to be a great time as usual.

Bound Brook and Branch Brook are on as well. There will be Cat3 and Cat4 representation from Skylands at both events. Good luck to all of you participating.

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Wed, 09 May 2012

Rides and Stuff

Hi everyone,

As you know, we are hosting a Ride of Silence on May 16th in Sparta. The ride will leave at 7:00 PM from Station Park and return to Station Park at approximately 8:00 PM.

We are trying to get an idea of how many club members are planning to attend. If you plan to participate, please send me an email at and let me know: If you plan to attend the ride on May 16th. If you can attend the rain date ride on May 19th, if necessary. Thanks, Rob Myre

All: There will be a Rec. ride from Kittatinny (Aeroflex) at 6pm Thursday - WEATHER PERMITTING.. So far the forecast for Thursday is good. The route is just over 20 miles and only a few little hills. I will try to send an email out if I am cancelling due to weather, I can't guarantee that I will be able to do that though. Hope to see you! Eileen

B Racer training on Thursday Night 6pm from Kittatiny Aeroflex; The B's will go out with A's to do paceline training and then do some attacking drills where we each settle into lactate threshold and stay away for one to two minutes if you are able during the A ride. This will last for three reps each then of course we will follow the two usual sprints, one before the shades and then down the big hill towards 206. Please keep in mind that it is a training ride and to obey traffic laws / rules. FYI - if your there you may be the chosen one next time at ATS or a race of your chosing - JB

One last thing; Great Job to everyone at Colts Neck !

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Fri, 13 Apr 2012

Weekend Ride / Race Info

Skylanders, This Sunday we will be introducing a new series to our Recreation Rides when we try out our first “Bagels & Biking” Ride. The “B & B”s are designed to combine a little cycling tutorial with a group ride. We will gather before each ride for some bagels (of course) and coffee while listening to a brief presentation on a particular cycling topic. We will hold the “B & B”s at the Sussex Bike and Sport, with Jason Zeigler leading the discussions, and then proceed to do the old Champagne Ride from his shop (sorry, I did not name the ride, if I did, there would be a bottle sparkling wine involved somehow!). If all goes well, we will do a “B & B” every 4-6 weeks through the rest of the year while trying to hit topics that people are interested in. Future topics might include: what tools you need on the road, how to change a tire, proper stretching before and after (yoga ??). Of course we’ll take suggestions. So on Sunday, our first presentation will be “What’s Gotten Into You!” ; a discussion of what you should eat before , during and after a ride. Jason will offer insight into the world of energy bars, gels , potions and recovery drinks. We will then provide samples of the various consumables to try out during the ride. The Champagne Ride is a 25 mile loop that has some climbing involved . Although this is not an easy ride, with all the energy from the gels, bars, carbs and caffeine, we should be done in 15 minutes (just kidding). I want to roll out of Jason’s parking lot by 11:00 am so if we gather at 10:15, I think that would cover it. So this Sunday we will gather at 10:15 a.m. at one of our sponsors, The Sussex Bike & Sport on Rt. 23 in Sussex for a brief discussion on fuel for the body. We will then proceed with a 25 mile ride through the back roads and hills of Lafayette and Wantage. Hope you can make it,Bob

Races in NYC Central Park Saturday morning, and Rahway Sunday - anyone from team Skylands interested please contact John Berg (me) for car pooling, i have two seats on the bus left, leaving dark and early Sunday morning to catch the Cat4s and wouldn't mind offering some help (if i can) in the 35+ Masters.

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Sun, 08 Apr 2012

General Info

To all interested in racing with the Skylands Club, the NJBA has an excellent calendar on their website. You can plan out your season and each Calendar entry has a link to the event. There are Time Trials, Criteriums, Circuit Races, and Road Races to chose from. The club reimburses NJBA races for members:), and its a very easy process to reclaim some of that hard earned coinage if you know what i mean.

The team at Skylands has been really pulling together this season, no pun intended, and i am really excited to be a part of it. It is a great learning experience and nice to know that someone has your back out there when you need it.Tuesdays at Augusta are great training sessions,and i can't wait to use some of our team strategies to tackle some of the great races around the state.

The Skylands racers are having a meeting at Sussex Bike Shop Wednesday April 18th. Jason, the owner, was kind enough to let us use the space for the meeting and is our sponsor bike shop so if you have a bike in need of upgrade or repair, be sure to bring it with you and get it done.

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Sat, 07 Apr 2012

Cherry Blossom Races

Good weather this morning, little cool and some cross winds.Branchbrook Park Course was freshly paved which made riding nice and smooth. Good turn out and well organized. The officials and race promoters provided ample race support, SRAM support car and motorcycle coordinating to keep things in order.

Skylands had a number of racers spread out through multiple events. I am sure there would have been more but Battenkill is right around the corner and there are quite a few folks who do that race every year.

Good luck to all those doing Battenkill ! Have fun ...

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Fri, 30 Mar 2012

ATS and Ride Info

The Tuesday night Augusta Training Series went very well as usual with plenty of riders showing up to race and train. Skylands Team was present and training together in the "B" race. Wish i had more perspective for "A" race other than they passed us twice at high speeds, but that freight train just happens. I had an opportunity to warmup with George H.a 15 time national cycling champion.I had not met George in person before but had heard of the many championships he had won. George told me a great story about cyclist comradery and having an opportunity to do work in a race to support the win of another cyclist.He mentioned that of all the wins in his career, none had the reaction that helping another cyclist win did. George proceeded to say that it was the most work he had done in a race but also the most gratifying.

Sunday April 1st Ride Skylanders, We will be heading out of Kittatinny State Park on Sunday morning at 11:00 am to do Skylands' traditional "Thursday Night" loop. The ride is about 32 miles and takes us through the flatlands of Sussex and Warern counties (what little of it that exists). If you are new to the club and have never done this ride before it is a real beauty (or if you ride it onThursday nights and have never been able to look up and take in the sights around you, you might want to do it at a more sane pace). So Sunday morning at 11:00 am from Kittatinny Valley State Park for a low 30 mile, only a couple of hills, ride through some farmlands. A cue sheet and the starting point directions are located on our website. See you on the road, Bob

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Fri, 23 Mar 2012

Thursday Night Ride Recap

The Thursday night A and B ride went out together in a fairly large group. Many local riders from other clubs joined in and made a tempo paceline until the sprint at the shades of death and then the groups separated. The Bs stayed on pretty much until then and some new racers rode with Wayne for Skylands Team training. We all picked up some critical points about pacelining that can be utilized on future rides and/or races. It appears that there is a high interest level to start racing with some of the recreational riders. Come on out, you are more than welcome to join the B race at Augusta to give it whirl in a controlled environment. Nice thing about Augusta Training Series is that if you get tired you can pull off at the first turn from the start/finish line up on the right hand side of the loop, stop, catch your breath and when your group comes bye, ease onto the back into the draft.

Here are a couple rides posted for the weekend;

Skylanders, the weather looks iffy this weekend with Sunday having the better chance of showers. So we will move our Sunday ride up 24 hours and try to beat the rain. We will meet at the Lafayette School at 11:00 am for a low 20’s (miles) trip through Lafayette, Branchville and Wantage. These 11:00 am starts will eventually creep earlier but for now because of commitments and cool temps the 11:00 am roll outs will have to do. So a low 20’s loop, with some rolling hills at a recreational pace, starting from the Lafayette School on Beaver Run Rd in Lafayette I will try to send out a “Map My Ride” cue sheet of the route when, and if, I can remember the password to the website.Great turnout last Sunday! It was fun rolling out with so many bikes. The laps around the lake enabled everyone to go at their own pace. We’ll try to keep it enjoyable for all even though this time we will do one big loop through Wantage. If it rains Saturday or the weather guy is wrong look for a Sunday ride as well. See you on the road, Bob

Waynes staple ride; 0900 from Kittatiny (airport parking lot). This is a no drop training level ride. Racers welcome for training. The ride is consistent on Saturdays and lessons are free but don't tell Wayne that ssshhhhhh!

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Wed, 21 Mar 2012

Augusta Series Kicks Off !

Great race at the Sussex County Fairgrounds last night.If anyone has any news or would just like to say anything beyond this blog posting, please feel free to email me.

The Skylands Club put together a very successful first event. As far as i know, everyone stayed upright. I did see an eager rider trying to keep his line, so he took a short cut through the grass (please don't do that again). The masters race had some cool breakaway activity but it was chased down by the peloton towards the end. "A"s were screaming (not in the verbal sense) and came by the "B" race smoothly,thanks guys we are greatful. I did hear some chatter, but it was the usual culprits and no one need pay attention to that during the race unless you are genuinely in the way of passing "A" racers, please yield the right of way. Just so everyone is informed,"B"s stay to the right when "A"s come thru.

See you all next Tuesday, JBerg

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Sun, 18 Mar 2012

Saturday and Sunday Rides

3/17 - 0900 from Kittatiny (airport parking lot) - Waynes ride - moderate to tempo pace.

3/18 - "Emerge from Hibernation" at 11AM from the Swartswood Lake Park Pavilion. This is an annual event to get the legs moving again, and sounds like alot of fun ! It is a great ride for catching up with friends and other club members or just joining the club for the first time. Highly recommeded - loop ride so that people can go their own pace and ride a distance of their choosing. Its about an eight mile loop.

3/18 - Mike Adist Will be doing a 3.5-4 hour base training ride on Sunday. Leaving at 11:30 from Tri-States Mall (Shoprite) in Montague, NJ. Climbing and endurance/tempo pace is part of this ride. We will stop to regroup at different points.Base/endurance training, including one 3-4 hour ride a month, is an very important part of early season preperation. Bring adequate hydration and gels/bars etc. You will burn 2-3K calories.Text or call me at 570-493-1731 so I know you are coming. Or, email me also.

3/18 and beyond - Every Sunday Dan Mitchell has a ride that leaves Kittatiny at 10am - very consistent ride for Sundays. In May sometime it will change for the warmer weather. Ride route will vary but ends up back at Kittatiny. On 3/18 it head towards Blairstown and back on Silverlake Rd.

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Sun, 11 Mar 2012

Mini-Recreation Ride

Had a great opportunity to work with kids today. My kids, niece, nephew, and a few of their close friends. Ten kids, ages five to ten who wanted nothing more than cruise around on their bikes at the park. One of the bikes identified affectionately as the clown bike because it has eightinch wheels and thats mostly rubber was thoroughly abused. Fun watching the bigger kids attempt to ride it.

Anyway, i found myself being a safety advocate and steward. Things i may not have considered prior to joining Skylands and being subject to all sorts of advice. So the tires were inflated properly, each kids bike was checked for basic fitting, helmets checked for defects and chin straps tightened. Even a quick flat change out and brake adjustment.

My niece was brought up to speed without her training wheels for the first time using a trick someone in the club mentioned to me once, the no pedals learning method for balance development. Happily there were no crashes and the little ones had their day in the sun.

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Sat, 10 Mar 2012

Skylands Saturday Ride Recap

Thanks to all who participated this morning. Some good connections were made and the ride went as planned. Conversation followed by a chase drill with sprint ending, then regrouping through the Shades. A short paceline training followed by a mailbox sprint. The end of the ride was a short surge by the remaining riders back to the parking lot.

Some ideas were thrown out there for consideration. A training ride at the Fairgrounds pre-season clean up party. Great idea - we clean it, then ride it together to discuss some strategy for upcoming season.

Don't forget about the upcoming racer meeting on Wednesday March 14th. Location TBD

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Thu, 08 Mar 2012

Skylands Racers Ride Sat 0900 out of Kittatiny

I (John Berg - Blogman) will be hosting a Skylands racer only ride for interested parties this Saturday out of Kittatiny (air port) parking lot at 0900. The objectives are simple; make introductions, discuss upcoming Augusta series and other target events, figure out who is fit enough and willing enough to support team efforts in race conditions, ok maybe its not all that simple but starting with a group ride is a good thing. A work out will be included.

See you there and ride safe.

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Mon, 05 Mar 2012

Central Park Race - Sunday March 4th

A large number of racers turned up at the Central Park Series opener on Sunday morning. The CAT 3/4 race was packed wih 150 in the field. It was tight quarters in the corners and alot of maneuvering up the rollers. I personally had someone go down immediately in front of me on the second climb of the race after a rider crossed up wheels with the rider in front of him. The brakes were on through an otherwise smooth fast turning course, especially at the south end on the second lap.

After picking up some debris and flatting about 2 1/2 laps in i witnessed a couple of other crashes and near misses as i limped around the park towards the starting area. It seemed that most were in control and following good lines, but others just seemed to be attacking through the field for no apparent reason at the start of hills only to become wildly out of sorts when crushing gears and standing on the pedals to get up the hills. The same riders then tore through the field again on the downhills.Just glad to have stayed upright in this one.

I have to say that the venue is awesome and the race promoter did the right thing by reducing the 3/4 field for the series to no more than 107, which includes anyone who signed up for the series. I will do this race again because the city is quiet in the wee hours and the park seems to be made for racing. It was well organized and the street parking at 5 or 530 is readily available. I found a sweet spot on 5th avenue within a couple hundred yards of registration.

If you have any questions or are interested in carpooling to one of the NY Park Series Races just drop me a line. The races are very early 0630 but that makes for a speedy get away and a return home before your spouse or significant other catches on :)

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Sat, 18 Feb 2012

Go Team Go !

Skylands had a great team ride today, led by Bob P.from the Chatterbox parking out towards Wantage. Nothing beats expert instruction and guidance of experienced riders / racers. Over fifteen racers and enthusiasts showed up for the race structured training that included a lead out training session in the middle of a forty miler. If your intersted in participating as a racer, the training is very specific and the coach is right there to provide instantaneous feedback.

This is really beneficial to racing knowledge and is also a good forum to get to know the other folks in the club who are interested in helping each other out in races and training. I have to say, this is why i joined Skylands, good people and a feeling of being a part of a club that is interested in all of the facets of cycling.

Lessons I learned today;

* Pull off into the windy side to shield the person coming through

* Pull off by excellerating out and immediately away from the next person in line

* Take a good line - mid road - room to maneuver

* Use an applicable gear for the effort level of the group you are riding with

* Listen to the coach, listen to the coach ...

Thank you for stepping up Bob, it really is exciting knowing your on our side. Can't wait for the next ride.

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Sun, 12 Feb 2012


We will be holding a meeting on Wednesday evening (exact time and location TBA), to discuss the upcoming racing season. We will be discussing the upcoming Augusta season and racing as a team at other events. Your input and attendance will be greatly appreciated.

-Scott Goodman

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Thu, 05 Jan 2012

Attention B Racers !

I am forming a B+ (riders should have the ability to at least sit in on the Thursday "A" ride) race training ride to establish a regimented framework for folks that want to utilize strategies to better set up team wins for the Skylands club. Its free and we have an experienced racer who is willing to share his knowledge while leading the training sessions. There are many facets to cycling as a team and i am no authority on the subject but it seems like a good idea as long as we learn something new that will benefit each other during pivotal moments in a race. I would like to get as many of you out to ride as possible and it takes four or five racers to make it happen.

The ride could be in line with Thursday night "A" ride or another evening or weekend day, whatever works best for the interested parties.

Just send me an email, John Berg blog administrator

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