SeasonXtender--Benefit for Lila

Race Results - September 24, 2006

Category 5
1 Thomas Buttner Verge/Test Pilot
2 Andrew Buchanan Skylands Cycling
3 Erik Klemm Skylands Cycling
4 Hector Vilches Marty's
5 Kazuto Tanahashi GS Park Ridge
6 David Gordon Colavita
7 Andrew LoGiudice Skylands Cycling
8 Cody Kapetenakis Skylands Cycling
9 Ed McKeon Unattached
10 Phil Dordai Colavita
11 Barry Kaplan Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery
12 Jeff Fleischman Marty's
13 Gary Worth Skylands Cycling

Category 4
1 Filip Capala Polska
2 Darin Bedle Unattached
3 Andreas Runggatscher Skylands Cycling
4 Keith Licata Team Bulldog
5 Mark Salazar Skylands Cycling
6 Mark Costa 3D/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery

Masters 45+
1 Brian Gristick Skylands Cycling
2 Scott Hodder 3D/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
3 Aubrey Gordon Team Squiggle
4 Vladymir Borovkov Team Somerset
5 Earl Perretti Team Bikery
6 Kevin Kielty Skylands Cycling
7 Kazuto Tanahashi GS Park Ridge/Cyclesport
8 Andrew Buchanan Skylands Cycling
9 Elizabeth Tyrell Team Somerset
10 Michael Karr Unattached

Masters 55+
1 Joe Saling Team Somerset
2 John Autore Skylands Cycling
3 Jon Farbman 3D/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
4 George Hanson Jaeger Wheelmen

Masters 35+
1 Greg Cordasco Liberty Cycle
2 Vladymir Borovkov Team Somerset
3 Jamie Troy Liberty Cycle
4 Mark Fontanilla Liberty Cycle
5 Joe Straub Skylands Cycling
6 Darin Bedle Unattached
7 Ian Stanley Unattached
8 Cameron Reider Gotham
9 Michael Joseph Skylands Cycling
10 Hector Vilches Marty's
11 Lenore Imhof Colavita
12 Christopher Devonish Unattached

1 Dag Anderson Team Somerset
2 Zach Bender GS Park Ridge/Cyclesport

1 Filip Capala Polska
2 Barry Miller ACT
3 Greg Battista Atlantic Bicycle Club
4 Zane Dordai Colavita
5 Cody Kapetenakis Skylands Cycling
6 Matt Spinks Skylands Cycling
7 Matt Warbrick Unattached

1 Lenore Imhof Colavita
2 Elizabeth Tyrell Team Somerset
3 Leah Oppenheimer Colavita
4 Nina Santiago Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery

Category 3
1 Kevin Kielty Skylands Cycling
2 Earl Perretti Team Bikery
3 David Freifelder Skylands Cycling
4 Barry Miller ACT
5 Frank Zgoda Sotheby's/Strictly Bicycles
6 Jon Chambers Gotham
7 Greg Battista Atlantic Bicycle Club
8 Cameron Reider Gotham

Category 1,2,3
1 David Freifelder Skylands Cycling
2 Brian Doroshuk CJCT/Northeastern Hardware
3 Barry Miller ACT
4 Earl Perretti Team Bikery
5 Patrick Peterson ACT
6 Frank Zgoda Sotheby's/Strictly Bicycles

Thank you.

Skylands Cycling, and Mark, Liz and Lila Salazar, would like to thank everyone who came out and made the SeasonXtender--Benefit for Lila a huge success. Thanks to the generosity of the New Jersey bike racing community, we were able to raise over $3,500 to help with Lila's uncovered medical expenses. It was truly heart-warming.

In particular, we'd like to thank the following major donors:
  • 3D Racing and Tom Ayers of Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
  • Mike Grotz and GS Park Ridge/Cycle Sport
  • Dan Mitchell and Deann Hollander
  • Earl Perretti and Master P's, Inc.
  • Brian and Virginia Doroshuk
  • CJCT/Northeastern Hardware
The following bike shops for contributing merchandise for prizes:
  • Sussex Bike and Sport, Sussex, NJ
  • Action Outfitters, Milford, PA
  • Ray's Bikery, Montclair, NJ
And the following additional financial contributors:
  • Jeffrey Samson
  • Brian Wolf
  • Dana Fallon
  • Louis D'Amelio
  • Sean Melcher
  • Larry Towner
  • Scott Steward
  • Michael Rosenhaus
  • Lois Cary
  • Jeff Stickle
  • Jennifer Spinks
  • G. Blake Hargrave
  • Jason Ziegler
  • Robert Kowal

Most of us feel that cycling is a very special sport, different from others, for a number of reasons. This is one of the reasons. Have a good off-season, and hope to see you at the NJBA Awards Banquet on Nov 12, and the New Jersey Cross Cup cyclocross series.

Skylands Cycling

Kevin Kielty, President
Bob Cary, Vice-president